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Popularity of Android smartphones increased recently, and so the demand for free VoIP calls for Android increased too. Our team introduces updated version of the best SMS app for Android.

About the New Android Version for Free VoIP Calls

As the number of our customers increase, the number of CallsFreeCallsers using Android-based smartphones increases as well. It is our direct duty to meet the needs of our users through constant development, improving and creating new functions for the already existing applications. Today the Company can offer its services for practically all types of users: it is possible to make free phone calls directly via the website (with the help of the PC), with the help of iOS devices, and since recent times – from Android-based phones. So, let’s point out the most remarkable features of the updated version:

  • The version is more stable.
  • The number of compatible devices has been increased (implemented via Google Play download).

Yet the most important feature of the new version is the introduction of the new, absolutely free internal Android SMS app feature.

This function allows all CallsFreeCallsers send free messages within the network. Once you have the updated version installed on your Android-based device, you don’t need any bonuses or money investments – simply send messages to other users at no cost! This innovation makes CallsFreeCalls the best Android SMS app on the market, as it allows you to get and send free internal messages and thus save your time and cash. To send a free internal SMS please enter the recipient’s email account registered with callsfreecalls, instead of his/her phone number.

Be the First to Download Our Best SMS App for Android Devices

Stay Tuned with Our Updates

Currently, the Company’s free texting app can be used for Android OS only. However, our developers team is now working on creating the same function for iOS-based mobile devices. So, we are all looking forward to our new, high-end free VoIP applications for iPhone/iPad users allowing them exchange text messages with those who use Android OS and vice versa.

We Are the Part of the Communication Technology Progress or About the Company

The only thing constant in life is change, especially when it comes to modern communication technologies. With the world population reaching seven billion mark, the need for high quality, cost-effective, universal communication means is constantly growing. Our team is glad to be a part of the modern communication technologies evolution and serve as a bridge between more than a hundred countries and regions all around the world.

It is hard to believe, but just a few years ago mobile devices were very simplistic in their functionality and could be used only for texting and calling. Today, you can browse the Internet, take pictures, play games and take advantage of GPS with a single mobile device. In addition to these indisputable cell phones advantages, there is one more – CallsFreeCalls service, allowing everyone making hassle-free free international calls.

What We Do

CallsFreeCalls is an online service based on VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology. This innovative type of telephony is a high quality, cost-effective alternative to traditional telephony. VoIP does not require expensive hardware devices, it is implemented via software and its maintenance is far easier than that of conventional phone lines.

Our main goal is to provide high quality connection for our customers at no charge. Of course, you will doubt the possibility of making free calls online at no cost, yet we can explain the way our website work: after registration our customers are offered to view some ads to get bonuses. Later, these bonuses can be used to make calls or send SMS (for the latest Android texting app you don’t need those for internal messages). Thus, the calls you make and the text messages you send are paid by the sponsor.

However, in order to be able to make the best out of the CallsFreeCalls service, mobile phone users need to stay abreast of our recent innovations and constantly update their apps. Our best SMS app for Android is already available and can be downloaded either from our website or Google Play Market.

Download Our new Best SMS App for Android

Install the app right now and you will be able to make free international calls from your Android device in a matter of minutes.