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Free VOIP Android Service Gets Even Better

VOIP is one of the most useful and required services nowadays. Android users can now benefit from an updated version of our software and make free VOIP calls using any Android device.

New version of our Android App for Free VoIP calls and SMS

Most services operate the old and trusted software and think of it as a guarantee of stable work. We think this is a wrong opinion. Technologies move forward, new horizons open daily, yesterday dreams become today’s reality. That is why we constantly collect our customers’ feedback, follow your requests and update our service to fit you best.

Free VOIP Android Service Gets Even Better

The latest version of our software has been released, featuring such functions as:

  • A list of sponsors is increased to make it more convenient for you to choose;
  • Connection quality is improved greatly, so even limited to 8 kb\s bandwidth is quite enough, while other operators require 64 kb\s minimum;
  • Several minor bugs were fixed, thanks to all our customers’ feedback;
  • The new feature of inviting has been added. Every client receives three bonuses for each new customer he/she invites;
  • Free internal SMS system work was greatly improved, and smileys were added to it;
  • A new informative system is implemented. It allows you to check the bonus score easily and informs you about new bonuses instantly.


Absolutely Free Internal SMS for Android

Our vast internal free SMS Android feature allows you to freely send messages to any member of the community. After subscribing your contact list displays our logo above those of your contacts who are also our subscribers, and you can communicate with them totally free.
To subscribe you are not asked to fill multiple boring contact forms, just select your credentials and it is done!

This is the easiest way possible, providing you with the best SMS app for Android devices available.

Download Our new Android App for VoIP Calls and SMS text

Communicate freely, stay tuned and receive the latest news about our convenient and useful Android SMS app at once!