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Meet our first version of CallsFreeCalls for Android

Keep in Pace with Innovative Communication Technologies: Enjoy Free VoIP Calls for Android Smartphones with CallsFreeCalls!

Our team is proud to inform CallsFreeCallsers about launch of our first version of free VoIP calls for Android smartphones. In modern era of information society we do understand that communication makes a huge part of every person’s daily routine, and we realize the importance of staying abreast of the newest developments in all spheres of our lives. We are glad to receive and process feedback from our customers who give us essential hints and clues on how to improve our free phone calls service in order to accommodate our users’ wishes and suggestions. We are continually trying to surprise CallsFreeCallsers with fresh, offbeat ideas enabling them making free international calls to their friends, family members and colleagues as easy and comfortable as possible. For this reason we have developed a separate version of our service which is compatible with devices using Android operating system.

About the Previous Applications for Free Phone Calls via the Internet

Before Android version launch our team has already developed a series of CallsFreeCalls application iOS versions. Inspired by their success and increasing number of satisfied customers our Company has decided to enlarge the scope of our services to those people who use smartphones.

Meet our Free VoIP Calls Free Calls for Android

About the New Version: Free VoIP Calls Now Available for Android Devices

So, our best congratulations to all Android OS users who could not join the CallsFreeCalls service because of their mobile devices’ incompatibility with iOS versions we have launched before. It goes without saying that a huge part of our customers are iPhone users, yet we continue to make our free online phone calls available for as much people as possible. The new application for smartphones is already available on the Android market: be the first to enjoy the advantages of free international calls from Android devices. The new version encompasses all basic free VoIP functions, as well as additional features for more convenient use. This is our first application version designed especially for Android free VoIP calls, and we hope that our customers’ feedback will help us to improve and develop it in future.

About Our Company and Free Calls Online

CallsFreeCalls is an Internet-based service enabling people from different places of the globe make absolutely free calls (both international and long distance). Our service is based on the innovative VoIP technology which enables holding high quality conversations, as well as free SMS texting and chatting online. With stable Internet connection and free wifi calling Android is just a piece of cake: there is no need to install any software or plug in any hardware devices to make free calls. The communication is made exclusively via our website: the company does its best to offer an excellent Android wifi calling experience.

We are very glad to welcome our new customers who can now enjoy  free VoIP calls for Android operating system. It is our direct duty to make sure that everyone who wants to make free international calls can reach our service via any Internet-compatible device.

Meet our first version of CallsFreeCalls for Android

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