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Rabbit vs Bear – new version of Educational fairy tale App (1.1)

We are eager to offer you new release of one of the best educational apps for kids that will enable your kid to learn seven languages in a joyful and interactive way!

Rabbit vs Bear - Our Educational App For Kids

New Release of Our Educational App For Kids – Enjoy Now!

Get ready to enjoy one of the best educational apps for kids! Our team is ready to announce the release of a new version 1.1 of the well-know fairy tale – “Rabbit Vs Bear”! This app was updated on July 20. 2012 and is now available as a bright and colorful application that can turn your iPhone or iPad into a truly absorbing educational center. Your children will be delighted to listen to the multi-language folk with wonderful voices accompanied by vivid graphics. The app has much to offer both kids and their parents. The thing is that the fairy tale does not come with bright illustrations only, but can allow your child to choose one of seven languages in the process of watching. This is one of those features that makes “Rabbit Vs Bear” the most amazing educational application for children you could ever find!

Rabbit vs Bear - Fairy Tale Short Story

How do you download the App Store applications nowadays? Does it take you long to download the application you need? You do not have to be concerned with this problem anymore, because the new version of “Rabbit Vs Bear” is designed to come up to all your expectations! It is one of the top educational apps for kids, which involves a set of stunning features meant to provide your kids with fun, excitement and new learning options!

Why Should You Download this App Store App?

What makes “Rabbit Vs Bear” one of the top educational apps for kids today? As mentioned above, this product is meant to help your kid learn 7 languages at a time and this process will never seem bothering or frustrating! The list of the available languages involves English, Spanish, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic and Chinese. Having changed the language, your kid will be able to enjoy the tale in quite an unusual way – by listening to it in another foreign language. This encourages your son or daughter to study languages by intuition and in a playful manner. The app is more like an absorbing game for your child that comes with beautiful cartoon graphics and joyful voices of the main characters, the speech of which is exemplary, peaceful and proper. What else do you need to keep your young explorer interested?
The story comprises sixteen scenes and can rightfully be considered a universal edition, since it will work both on your iPad and iPhone! What you should know is that the app is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. It also requires iOS 5.0 or later.

What’s New in the New Version 1.1 of “Rabbit Vs Bear”?

This app has an added possibility to work on previous iOS versions, so you do not have to worry about this issue as well. What you should do is just enjoy the numerous benefits this AppStore application offers you today.

  • It is possible to drag animals.
  • Moreover, the app pronounces the relevant words upon clicking on the animal (depending on your language preferences).
  • Users can switch off animals` voice if they like.
  • Finally, it became easier to turn over the pages with the new relevant feature.

As you see, it is a fantastic opportunity for parents to help their kids get the knowledge they need in a joyful and entertaining way! The download procedure is quite easy and not really time-taking, because the size of the application is 262 MB only! The app is inexpensive as well, so it will not hit you on the pocket! Just choose “Rabbit Vs Bear” for your little explorer, download it the sooner – the better and watch your child’s faced shine with exhilaration and delight when listening to it!

Instead of reading reviews, it is better to check it out and download the App Store app right now! Enjoy it!