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RabbitVsBear – Educational App for Kids

Our new project - Kids Learning App

RabbitVsBear – Educational App for Kids

Meet one of the best educational Apps for Kids based on the ancient Ukrainian fairy tale. Find out the numerous benefits of the new multilingual project.

Rabbit vs Bear - Kids learning Apps

Educational Apps for Kids in Your Pocket!

Besides the free calls service, our professional team of programmers is glad to introduce a new project that will be interesting both for our adult customers and their children, as we present one of the most effective educational Apps for Kids.

RabbitVsBear - Educational App for Kids

Don’t hesitate to download the App Store App today and watch your Kids improving their foreign language skills fast and effortlessly through play and entertaining.
Uncover the educational advantages and practical aspects of the best educational Apps for Kids with the help of our new RabbitVsBear fairy tale project.

Short Fairy Tale Stories on Your iPhone

The offered application is a vivid exciting Ukrainian fairy tale which can be played in seven languages (English, German, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, Chinese and Arabic). The tale consists of 16 distinctive scenes of amazing cartoon graphics which are accompanied with joyful characters’ voices which are read by professional speakers. The speech of the animals is exemplary and proper (it is very essential for children to learn the proper grammar and pronunciation from early years). Knowing the plot of the fairy tale and replicas of each character (it takes so fast for children to learn them by heart) in their native language, children can switch the tale from English to Russian, for example, without sacrificing understanding of the plot.

Kids Learning Apps Nowadays

Our fairy tale project undoubtedly falls into a group of the top educational Apps for Kids, as it features the innovative technologies and modern approach to the children education. To keep the pace of the contemporary world we need to react to all its changes fast and effectively, and knowing any language besides mother tongue is very essential today. If you are conscious about your kids’ future opportunities and overall intellectual level, you have to involve additional means of mental improving besides traditional classes. If you are unfamiliar with use of different applications, you can easily find out how to download the App Store application online. There is nothing difficult or intricate about this, and the project we offer is also very convenient and comprehensible in use (it was especially designed for children).

Why Fairy Tale Short Stories?

The use of an ancient Ukrainian fairy tale as a base for our application is not a coincidence. The importance of fairy tales for children development can not be underestimated, and our developers has taken this into account when creating the RabbitVsBear app. Fairy tales are not only entertaining stories, but are a source of insights hidden deeper under the surface. Tales stretch kids’ sense of imagination and improve creativity. The tales teach us to be empathetic, kind and fair, to discern good from bad etc. In tales good always triumphs over evil. That is why the best educational pre-school programs are wholly or partly based on fairy tales. Our multilingual app also uses the principle of learning through play and entertaining.

Rabbit vs Bear - Fairy Tale Short Story

The Advantages of Our New Project:

  • It takes few minutes to download App Store App to your iPad or iPhone (iPod touch) and one minute more to get acquainted with its work.
  • The simplicity of its use allows your children open and use the app themselves.
  • The vivid colours, detailed characters and audio will definitely make your kind reopen the tale many times a day.
  • The entertaining form of the educational program encourages children to try all possible language options.
  • The mobility of the app will be handy in case you need to find an activity for your kids when having spare time (in train, when in line etc).
  • Five out of seven languages of the RabbitVsBear App are the official languages of the United Nations (these are the top foreign languages to learn).
  • The program will undoubtedly be interesting for adults as well.
  • The RabbitVsBear app is a universal edition and can work on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Thus, if you are looking for the best educational Apps for Kids, our multilingual Rabbit vs Bear fairy tale App is just what you need.

Turn your iPhone/iPad into an educational center for your family with the help of the new project from our team.

Don’t be surprised to hear Chinese or Arabic greeting from your child instead of usual ‘Hello’ when using our free phone calls service alongside with RabbitVsBear app.

Our new product will not leave you and your family indifferent!

Rabbit vs Bear - Kids learning Apps